Our Guarantee to you,

At Signature Roofing we know two things for certain. The first being that we always do a good job from start to finish. The second being that most people would prefer to not need a new roof, so that they could spend the money on something a little more fun. But unfortunately a solid roof is necessary when it comes to having a safe, dry and valuable home.

The necessity of a new roof is part of the reason why we take such pride in the job we do while we are on your roof and for the years to come. As customers of other businesses ourselves we know that care after the job is complete is just as important as the job itself. If you have to have a new roof, it is important to find a warranty that works for you.

Our Warranty,

Signature Roofing offers a 10 year workmanship warranty. This means that if any damage should occur because of inadequate installation on our part, we will repair your roof free of charge. *These repairs must be performed by Signature Roofing.

Signature Roofing cannot be held responsible for damage that occurs naturally (normal wear and tear) or for unforeseen events or natural destruction, such as ice storms or falling objects. While we don't warranty these types of damage, we encourage customers to call us with any issue that they may have. Our team will always work our hardest to look after you when it comes to pricing no matter if it is a fallen tree or ice damage.